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Bite Beauty have just launched their very first complexion range into Sephora Australia and it focuses on clean, vegan and cruelty free beauty. Their Changemaker Complexion System is made up of the Skin-Optimizing Primer ($52 AUD), Supercharged Micellar Foundation ($57 AUD) and Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder ($52 AUD).

Their Skin Optimizing Primer comes in two formulas; one for normal to oily skin types and the other for normal to dry skin. This primer is said to neutralize your skin type and grip foundation for long lasting wear. The Supercharged Micellar Foundation comes in 32 shades and offers a buildable medium coverage with a natural, flawless finish that mimics skin texture, while the Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder comes in 8 shades and is talc free, instead using finely milled volcanic minerals to blur and mattify the skin.

Now onto the review...

I find that a bit of context is always helpful when hearing about someone's experience with a product. Do they have the same skin type as me? Do they like the same coverage? The same finish?

So with that in mind, please meet Rachel (below) who has very kindly offered to trial the Bite Beauty Changemaker Complexion System for me so we could get an oily skin perspective on the products which she tested over the course of a week.

Name: Rachel Cole

Age: 29

Tell us a little about you: I've always been a lover of beauty and fashion and have recently become a mum so I'm trying to navigate mum life while still being me.

What's your skin type? Oily combo.

What are your skin concerns? Acne, scarring, anti aging.

Talk us through your makeup goals: Natural, radiant looking skin while lasting all day.

What are your biggest makeup challenges? Getting my makeup to last all day and finding a foundation to match my skin.

What's your favourite makeup product you've used so far and why? Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. I think it was one of the first concealers I've ever used and I always go back to it because it works fabulously under the eyes, its affordable and now there's a good shade selection.

Bite Beauty Changemaker Complexion System.

Which products are you trialing? I'm testing the Changemaker Skin-Optimizing Primer for normal - oily skin types, Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation in the shade T135 and Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder in the shade Tan 2.

Talk us through your application: I applied the foundation with my fingers as recommended by the Bite Beauty website. I found it was a bit patchy but that could be because the shade is quite dark for me. In my experience I found that it's best applied with a sponge for light coverage or a buffing brush for fuller coverage.

For the powder I like to use circular motions to buff in the product. I typically push powder into my skin but because this powder has colour it made it look splotchy.

Did you find it easy to use? I found the foundation easy to work with and it blended well into the skin when using a sponge or brush.

How well did it last throughout the day? At the 3 hour mark my makeup looked luminous in a good way. Around the 8-9 hour mark I was looking oily in person, with the makeup starting to break down in my T-zone. In photos I didn't look as oily.

How did it feel on your skin? The foundation was light weight and mousse like. It blended well into the skin and didn’t feel heavy at all. The powder is finely milled so it’s not cakey at all.

What was the finish and texture like? The foundation has a demi matte finish and the powder is the same. Over time once my natural oils came through the finish changed to be more luminous.

Did it meet your expectations? I didn’t think it would suit my oily skin but I was pleasantly surprised as the products worked really well. Out of the three products the powder would have to be my favourite.

Do you have any tips, tricks or anything else you'd like to share about the range?

The primer feels similar to Benefit's Porefessional but not as siliconey.

Did you love this product enough to purchase it? I would definitely repurchase the powder. The foundation I would consider buying my normal shade and the primer I’m indifferent about. The ingredients are on the more natural side and vegan so it makes the range more appealing overall.

Score out of 10? Primer 6, Foundation 7, Powder 9.

Click the arrow to see Rach's before and after photos using the Changemaker Complexion System.

Which products from the Bite Beauty Changemaker Complexion System would you consider purchasing?


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