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This isn't your average sized mascara wand.

Here is a close up view of the new Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara and the epic lashes it creates. I’m a huge fan of their original mascara, Better Than Sex, so I was SUPER excited to try this one!

The first thing I noticed, and I’d say you will notice too, is that the wand is somewhat… well, huge. So the first time I applied it, I ended up with tiny blobs of mascara on the side of my nose. I realize now that’s because I tried applying this mascara with my usual techniques, and that was a mistake for a wand of this size.

Usually I wiggle my (normal sized) mascara wands into the inner corners of my eyes so that I can completely coat my little inner lashes with mascara, however with this wand, I haven’t needed to do this because a) I don’t need to fail the application more than once to learn my lesson and b) in my experience, the wand covers EVERY lash without doing that little inner corner wiggle dance.

I’ve now got the hang of using the Damn Girl wand, and honestly I love it! I find the application is best if you just place the wand parallel to your lashes and do a little upwards wiggle motion from there (as seen in the above video).

The formula is great too! I find that it makes my lashes look even fuller than my other mascaras, particularly at the base of the lash. It lengthens, blackens and thickens up my lashes. It even makes them look a little ‘fluffier’ which is an odd word to describe eyelashes, but I think you'll be picking up what I’m putting down when I say that, and in the end to put it simply, I think it looks almost like I’m wearing some individual falsies!

Damn Girl! Mascara is available at Mecca.


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